Radon Inspection Did you know that radon is the number two reason for lung cancer in the United States?

Radon can be found anywhere. In fact you could be getting exposed to dangerous levels of radon, but your neighbor has no levels within their home.  Unfortunately, you can’t see or smell it, so the only way to tell if radon is present is by getting your home checked.  I will be using state of the art monitoring equipment to conduct the 48 hour test.  Give yourself peace of mind knowing your home is safe from this deadly gas.

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The typical home inspection will last between 2 and 3 hours.

I would highly recommend you come to the inspection. This will allow us to go through the property together and if questions arise I can provide you with the proper information. We can also go over the report together, should you have any questions about the report.

Immediately following the inspection an electronic report will be generated for you to keep.

​In general a home inspection is not a pass or fail test. The home inspection will detail any major or minor issues with the home, highlight the positives, and teach you to maintain the home in the future. From there you can discuss with your realtor if the “dollars make cents” to move forward with the home or what other options you may have for the next steps.

The test requires a radon monitoring device be left at the property for 48 hours.

​I use a continuous radon monitoring machine, so once the 48 hours is complete I can give you the results.

Payments need to be made prior to receiving any service. Payment with credit cards can be done on the website or in person prior to the inspection or a check. Venmo is also accepted.

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