Mar. 03, 2023 What to look for in a commercial property inspector

Choosing the right commercial property inspector for your building can be an essential part of the investment process. A qualified and experienced inspector should possess a thorough knowledge of properties, services and protocols to ensure you get an unbiased, accurate assessment of what you’re buying or leasing. Here is a list of things to look for when choosing a commercial property inspector:

Check their Credentials and Experience

Start by doing a background check on the inspection firm—before signing any agreement or setting up a site visit. A reputable agency should be approved by relevant organizations, such as the American Society of Professional Inspectors (AISP) and the National Institute of Building Inspectors (NIBI). It pays to also look into their past customers and be sure they have sufficient experience inspecting commercial properties before you hire them.

Understand What Services Are Included in Your Fee

One key question to ask is what areas are included in your inspection fee? Commercial property inspectors usually provide an extensive report that details everything from foundation cracks to HVAC issues. To make sure this process runs smoothly, review contracts closely and understand exactly what is covered in the final report before you agree to pay an inspection fee.  

Look for Specialization

Commercial property inspectors specialize in different types of buildings. An industrial building may require different services than an office building or retail store. Be sure that you find an experienced professional who specializes in commercial structures; otherwise, it could result in costly repairs later down the line which weren’t evaluated properly initially.  

Consider Accessibility Requirements

To carry out a successful inspection, it’s important that your property inspector has complete access to all areas of your building – including any attic spaces, crawl spaces or rooftop areas that need to be checked off on their list. If there are any concerns regarding safety or access requirements – especially if working from heights – double check with them ahead of time so nothing delays or disrupts their inspection process when they arrive onsite.

Request Referencing Material

It takes not only skill but experience too to assess commercial properties accurately, so request references from previous clients before committing yourself fully to a particular agency/inspector combination. References are essential here as they give tangible proof that your chosen company has produced results through acknowledged expertise and competent methodology in prior assignments – making them best fit for yours!